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Wellesley College
Biomedical Engineering, Wound Healing, Immunology

My ongoing graduate studies focus on the understanding and modulating macrophage-mediated wound healing using biomaterials composed of synthetic and extracellular matrix components. My research aims to address the unmet need of viable wound care for chronic non-­healing wounds, a growing clinical and economic burden with the rise of diabetes and metabolic disease, among others.

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2. Smith, T. D., et al. "Harnessing Macrophage Plasticity for Tissue Regeneration." Adv Drug Deliv Rev 114 (2017): 193-205. Print.

-Received F30 Fellowship from NIH/NIAID in 2019
- Elected member of Associated Graduate Student Council, 2016-2018
- Elected General Secretary elect of ICU MSTP student body, 2018
- Co-Founder, UCI advocates for Women Physician Scientists