Distinguished Lecture Series Understanding the source of regenerative capacities in animals

Dr. Sanchez Alvarado Stowers Institute

PhD, HHMI Investigator

We enthusiastically invite you to attend this exciting seminar with Dr. Sanchez Alvarado. Dr. Alvarado has done groundbreaking research on regeneration, and as a model system he uses Schmidtea, which when halved or quartered can clone itself from the pieces. Dr. Alvarado developed the requisite molecular tools to dissect the remarkable biology of these animals, allowing them to commence systematic cellular and molecular genetic studies on animal regeneration and the attendant stem cells driving regeneration. His work has made him an expert in understanding the mechanisms of regeneration. Dr. Alvarado Sanchez is an elected member of National Academy of Sciences and he is also an HHMI Investigator.

There will be a reception following the talk, to allow further discussion with Dr. Sanchez Alvarado.

Date(s): 04/10/2019
From: 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Tamkin Student Lecture Bldg F110
Irvine CA 92617
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Distinguished Lecture Series

THE UCI MSTP program holds a monthly seminar series with esteemed guests.

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