Frequently Asked Questions

•How do I apply to the UCI MSTP?

If you would like to apply for the UCI MSTP, you will need to fill out the MD/PhD Combined Program section of the primary AMCAS application. The information provided in your primary AMCAS will be the information used to review your application for the UCI MSTP.

•What qualities do you look for in applicants?

The MSTP admissions committee looks for many of the same qualities as the MD program, including academic rigor (undergraduate GPA and MCAT scores), significant clinical experience, and commitment to community. Additionally, we place a strong value on commitment to research, and we encourage applicants to highlight time spent in research settings, inclusion on publications or conference abstracts, and ways in which they taken on an independent role in the laboratory.

•If I interview for the MSTP, will I be considered both for the MSTP and the UCI School of Medicine MD Program?

Yes, applications to the MSTP and MD admissions committees consider all MSTP applicants concurrently.

•Do I have to be a resident of California to apply to UCI MSTP?

This program is sponsored by the National Institutes of Health, meaning we welcome all qualified applicants. Non-residents are encouraged to apply.

•Can international students be admitted to this program?

Unfortunately, we currently do not support international students in our program.

•Does MSTP pay for interview expenses?

The MSTP covers lodging at the Ayers Hotel (which provides shuttle service to/from both John Wayne Airport [SNA] and the UCI campus) and meals during the interview days. Applicants must cover travel expenses to Orange County. If applicants are offered a spot in the incoming class, reasonable travel expenses are covered for an invited Revisit Day.

•What graduate departments offer PhDs as a part of the MSTP?

Doctoral degrees can be received from all academic departments at UCI. Mentors with an appointment in a clinical department (i.e. Radiology, Pediatrics, etc.) must also have a joint appointment in an academic department. Please refer to for a list of departments previous students have trained in.

•Is there a separate application for the PhD?

There is an agreement between the program and the School of Medicine, the School of Biological Sciences, and the Henry Samueli School of Engineering that any applicant accepted into the program will not need to submit an additional application for the PhD. Schools and departments (e.g. Anthropology, English, etc.) who do not consistently have an MSTP student may require a separate application after the student is accepted into the MSTP. Program administration will assist in this process.

•What financial support is provided to MSTP students?

The MSTP guarantees full support throughout both the medical and graduate phases of MSTP education. This support includes medical and graduate tuition, a stipend ($32,000 for the 2017-2018 academic year), and comprehensive medical insurance including dental and vision plans.

•Where do MSTP students live?

All MSTP students are guaranteed on-campus housing for all years of their MDs and PhDs. All housing is apartment style and includes family housing for students who come to Irvine with partners and/or children. For students who choose to live off-campus, there are a variety of options of apartments or houses for rent within Irvine, Newport Beach, or Costa Mesa that are close to the medical school. Every year, we have a few MSTP students living across the street from the beach! Rates for graduate housing can be found here.

•If I have more questions, who should I contact?

You can contact the MSTP Administrative Director, Ms. Joanne Wu if you have questions that are not answered on the website. Additionally, questions can be directed to our MSTP director,  Al Goldin. Any of the current MSTP students are happy to answer your questions as well (contact information available in "Current Students").