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University of California, Berkeley
1. Molecular and Cell Biology: Biochemistry

2. Nutritional Science: Metabolism and Physiology

3. Integrative Biology


Ramesh Jain
Ramesh Jain
Epidemiology, Bioengineering, Ethics, Genetics, Bioinformatics, Mathematics, Physiology, Computational Biology, Medical Imaging
Interested in using technology for prevention of heart disease and metabolic syndrome.
Thompson AC, Bruss MD, Nag N, Hellerstein MK. FGF21, IGF-1 and cell proliferation responses to moderate calorie restriction in adult male mice. PLoS One. 2014.

Nag N, Sen A. Novel molecule, RNV-166, attenuates high-fat diet induced insulin resistance and obesity in C57BL/6 Mice. 2013. In preparation.

Research Contributor towards following:

Bruss MD, Thompson AC, Aggarwal I, Khambatta CF, Hellerstein MK. The effects of physiological adaptations to calorie restriction on global cell proliferation rates. 2011 Apr. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab ;300(4):E735-45.

Jaworski K, Ahmadian M, Duncan RE, Sarkadi-Nagy E, Varady KA, Hellerstein MK, Lee HY, Samuel VT, Shulman GI, Kim KH, de Val S, Kang C, Sul HS. AdPLA ablation increases lipolysis and prevents obesity induced by high-fat feeding or leptin deficiency. Nature Medicine. 2009 Feb;15(2):159-68.

Ahmadian M, Kim Y, Bruss MD, Hellerstein MK, Lee H-Y, Samuel V, Shulman GI, Duncan RE, and Sul HS. (2011) Ablation of desnutrin/ATGL in adipose tissue promotes obesity and a brown-to-white adipose phenotype. Cell Metabolism (13):739-48

Emhoff CA, Messonnier LA, Horning MA, Fattor JA, Carlson TJ, Brooks GA. Direct and indirect lactate oxidation in trained and untrained men. J Appl Physiol. 2013 Jun 20. [Epub ahead of print]

Zhang F, Dey D, Bränström R, Forsberg L, Lu M, Zhang Q, Sjöholm A. BLX-1002, a novel thiazolidinedione with no PPAR affinity, stimulates AMP-activated protein kinase activity, raises cytosolic Ca2+, and enhances glucose-stimulated insulin secretion in a PI3K-dependent manner. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. 2009 Feb;296(2):C346-54.
Bruss MD, Nag N, Thompson AC, Hellerstein MK. The effects of calorie restriction on FGF21 and the growth hormone axis. In preparation for submission and presented by Nitish Nag at the Cal Day Honors Research Symposium.

Dey D, Pandey B, Nag A, Neogi P, Nag B. Amino acid conjugated, orally active, novel anti-
379 diabetic compound BLX-1002 has no affinity to PPARγ. Diabetes 53 (Suppl.2): A483, 2004

Gutala S, Nag A, Gupta A, Sreenivasan P, Chang D, Neogi P, Nag B, Dey D. Pharmacokinetics study of BLX-1002 in Sprague-Dawley rats and Beagle dogs (Abstract). Diabetes 53, Suppl 2: A483, 2004.

Nag A, Moon H, Gutala S, Neogi P, Agarwal SK, Dey D, Nag B
.Toxicological evaluation of an anti hyperglycaemic compound BLX-1002 approaching to clinical trials (Abstract). Diabetes 53, Suppl 2: A139, 2004.

Nag A, Chovatia M, Peng I, Moon H, Pandey B, Neogi P, Nag B,Dey D. BLX-1002 lowers blood glucose in non obese diabetic (NOD) and streptozotocin (STZ) induced diabetic mice with strong effect in TNF and IL-6. In: Immunology 2004. Bologna, Italy: Medimond, 2004, p. 291–296

Nag A, Nag N, Nag B. SleemaX:a new herbamin formulation as an anti-obese alternative medicine with hypolipidemic and insulin sensitizing properties. FASEB-J,2002,16(5): Pt.2,A1017.


MedAppJam 2014 Winner - Most Innovative Application
Highest Honors at Graduation from Integrative Biology 2011
College Honors Distinction in College of Letters and Science 2011
College Honors Distinction in College of Natural Resources 2011
UC Berkeley - Cal Alumni Scholarship Award Winner 2010, 2011
Olympic Committee/USA Cycling 2010 Stenner National Scholarship Winner
Ranked 4th Nationally as Collegiate Cyclist and 2nd in West Coast Conference 2010
The North Face Visionary Award by PlanetExplore, 2010
Golden Key Honors Award Winner, 2009
International Outdoor Idol Athlete Award Winner, 2007
2nd Dan Black Belt, Best in Class Award Winner 2005



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