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Yale University


Edwin Monuki, MD,PhD
Anthony James
Neuroscience, Developmental Biology
Doan LT, Javier AL, Furr NM, Nguyen KL, Cho KW, Monuki ES. A Bmp reporter with ultrasensitive characteristics reveals that high Bmp signaling is not required for cortical hem fate. PlosONE 2012; 7(9):e44009.

Javier AL, Doan LT, Luong M, Reyes de Mochel NS, Sun A, Monuki ES, Cho KW. Bmp indicator mice reveal dynamic regulation of transcriptional response. PlosONE 2012; 7(9):e42566.

Hu JS, Doan LT, Currle DS, Rheem JY, Schreyer R, Robert B, Monuki ES. Border formation in a morphogen gradient reduced to single dissociated cells. Proc Natl Acad Sci 2008; 105:3398-3403.

Doan L, Monuki ES. Rapid genotyping of mouse tissue using Sigma’s Extract-N-Amp Tissue PCR kit. Journal of Online Visualized Experiments 2008;
Fung ES, Doan LT, Truong DT, Jun HH, Monuki ES. 2012. Bmp-Fgf mutual inhibition during dorsal telencephalic development involves slow Fgf-mediated inhibition. Society for Neuroscience 42nd annual meeting. New Orleans, LA.

Doan LT, Javier AP, Sun A, Hu JS, Cho KW, Monuki ES. 2009. Regulation of Bmp target genes in the telencephalon: insights from novel Bmp reporter mouse. Society for Neuroscience 39th annual meeting, Chicago, IL.

Javier AP, Doan LT, Blitz I, Monuki ES, Cho KW. 2009. Uncovering the roles of BMP signaling during mouse embryogenesis. Society for Developmental Biology 68th annual meeting, San Francisco, CA.

Doan LT, Pennington M, Wang J, Wang L. 2008. Effects of multiple therapies on cancer evolution: stochastic vs deterministic modeling. Santa Fe Institute Complex Systems Summer School Research Symposium, Beijing, China.

Hu JS, Doan LT, Currle DS, Rheem JY, Schreyer R, Monuki ES. 2007. A morphogen gradient-mediated threshold response reducible to single cells. Society for Neuroscience 37th annual meeting, San Diego, CA.


2013 Distinction in Research, UC Irvine

2006 UC Irvine Medal Fellowship, UC Irvine, 2006-2007
2008 Selection and Travel Award, Santa Fe Institute Complex Systems Summer School in Beijing

2007 2nd Place, Best Presentation Award, UCI 11th Annual MSTP retreat

2006 1st Place, Best Poster Presentation, Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society

2002 Graduation with distinction in the major, Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology, Yale University


Preliminary Medicine Resident

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