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Brad Wallentine


University of Texas at Austin
Major: Biology
Minors: Chemistry, Biomedical Engineering, Spanish


Dr. Hartmut 'Hudel' Luecke
Mechanism and Structure-Based Design of Mutant p53 Reactivating Small Molecules
Dr. Hartmut 'Hudel' Luecke
Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Cancer Biology, Molecular Biology
Wallentine, B.D., Wang, Y., Tretyachenko-Ladokhina, V., Tan, M., Senear, D.F., Luecke, H. “Crystal structures of oncogenic, suppressor, and rescued p53 core domain variants: Mechanisms of mutant p53 rescue” (2013) Acta Cryst. D 69, 2146-2156.

Wassman, C.D., Baronio, R., Demir, O., Wallentine, B.D., Chen, C.K., Hall, L.V., Salehi, F., Lin, D.W., Chung, B.P., Hatfield G.W., Chamberlin, A.R., Luecke, H., Lathrop, R.H., Kaiser, P., Amaro, R.E. ” Computational Identification of a Transiently Open L1/S3 Pocket for p53 Cancer Mutant Reactivation” (2013) Nature Communications 4, 1407.


Cancer Research Institute Fellow (T32)
Institute for Clinical and Translational Sciences Fellow (TL1)
NIH/NCI NRSA MD/PhD Fellow (F30)

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